Nebraska (Trucker's Lament)

from by James Hersch



Last week I visited my friends the Ostovics in Iowa. Eric told me little Isaac had wondered the last time they traveled to Colorado,"Why is Nebraska Only a Road?". I took the challenge to make a song with his line, slightly paraphrased. I've driven around 3/4 million miles, many on the concrete veins of our country, just trying to get somewhere to play music. It's easy for me to imagine being a long haul trucker, so here's a song for them, and for Isaac.


Number Forty Six, November 15th, 2012

The wind is heavy
Out on I 80
The moon is shrouded in the sky
I'm driving a full load
Out to Colorado
Over the big Muddy I fly

I have my reasons
I have my notions
Put me on this road again
Kind of like to slow down
Take a road through a little town
Just let my compass spin

But I don't have time to
Stop and look around
Prisoner to this concrete
Tunnel that I'm on

Tell me why
Is Nebraska
Only a highway
To me

Fuel up in Lincoln
Rain's got me thinking
Of pulling over for the night
But I'm paid to make time
And I'll be fine
Dodging those scales all right
Just one step ahead of the coming freeze
With a cup of coffee to hold between my knees

I am believing
This road I'm speeding
Is taking me where I belong
But it's the things I don't know
Things you won't find on this road
Making me wonder if I'm wrong
Way out there I see the little town lights
Part of me is saying I wonder what it's like


from 52 Songs in 52 Weeks: 2012, released July 15, 2013




James Hersch Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hersch, a native Minnesotan, has fifteen album credits and is known for his story song style. He has been a finalist at the Kerrville Folk Festival and recognized for his original soundtrack for the PBS documentary, "Paving the Way". His reachwithme program has been honored with the Harry Chapin Award for Contributions to Humanity by the National Association for Campus Activities. ... more

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